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Turbo Tax 2016

Do not submit your taxes (US)? Located in Windows (7 and older). Put your name and e-mail address and away you go. Turbo Tax Deluxe. the country is free. If you have more than one state requirements, other countries that are downloaded worddie use this command.

1. Install the application and select your country and install

2. After the renovation of free state TurboTax close the application

3. Run the hold open registration

4. Scroll to HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software RegKey

5.Remove all the major Intuit

6. Create a list editor

7.Perehodymov C: / Program Files / TurboTax / 2016 / Moulds and see if your state form.

8. Go to:

Windows 08/10 Go to C: ProgramDataIntuitTurboTaxTY16

Windows 7 Go to C: ProgramDataIntuitTurboTaxTY16

9. Remove files Price_S2015US1040PER

10. Change the file in Notepad, and all values ​​= 0

11. Select New and set the country

12. Repeat the process for additional countries

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