Mother and Child Health

To reduce Maternal & Child mortality and morbidity, ARCH’s important priorities in community health program is maternal & child health (MCH) program. MCH care services include pre and post natal care, care during delivery, newborn and child care. MCH programme is primarily run by Government, however our well trained Village Health Workers (VHWs) and trained Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) supports these services in their respective villages. Our workers close relationship with women assists in fully utilising available Government services and complement where there are any gaps.

Ante-natal Care:

  • Early registration to initiate prenatal care by TBAs, VHWs and visiting nurse from PHC.
  • Regular check-ups (taking Weight, B.P. HB, urine test etc) of all pregnant women by VHWs.
  • Assisting women to prepare for hospital delivery by registration to all eligible Government schemes.
  • Distribution of additional iron folic supplement, calcium supplement and provide treatment for minor illnesses.
  • Timely referral of all high-risk pregnant women to hospitals.
  • Provide Nutrition education and other pregnancy related education to pregnant women.

Delivery care:

  • Assistance by trained TBAs and VHWs for women who choose to have home birth.
  • Assist in use of appropriate referral and transport services (108 ambulance) for all first deliveries (primipara), high risk pregnancies and for women who develop complications at the time of home delivery.

Post-Natal Care & Family Planning:

  • Visit each mother after home or hospital delivery at earliest opportunity.
  • Examine mother and baby, and give treatment when necessary.
  • Provide nutrition education on balanced diet.
  • Educate new mothers about different family planning methods with focus on child spacing.

Infant Care:

  • Advise for exclusive breast-feeding for the first 6 months and to start supplementary food when the child is 6 months old.
  • Support Government immunization programme to ensure that all children get full age-appropriate immunization (BCG, Pentavelant, Polio, and Measles).